Who are we?

We are the GaagjesCraft Network Team. Our team contains Bukkit/Spigot Developers, admins, supporters, configgers, setuppers and much more. We help starting servers starting up.
We’ll stop when we’re no longer needed for your server. We give you advise about managing stuff, configuring, builders, staff and much more.

Our team can develop plugins for your server to make your server custom and unique.
We also give you advise about making your server secure for players with evil thoughts.

Total helped servers


We also make public plugins for other minecraft servers. These plugins are made for spigot/bukkit server and are almost always free. These plugins are all downloadable at our plugins page. Custom plugins will be in the plugin list, but will not be able to download. It’s just for showing what we’ve done so far. 


There are no prices. We are totally free! All work we do will be in our spare time. You won’t be charged for the work we do. But you can get charged for big plugins. If the plugin is too big (100kb  or greater) you will get a bill. These bills are mostly around the $2 so not very expensive.