GaagjesCraft Network Team
Professional plugin development and help!

We are thrilled to introduce My GCNT!
My GCNT is the place for all the GCNT plugins. You can download all versions that we provide, but not only that, you can also download all available snapshots of every plugin that you have access to. And for those who have custom plugins or paid plugins, don't worry, we got your back! Just let us know that your My GCNT account should be provided with that plugin. You will have to verify yourself then.

Not only will you be able to download all plugins, you can also create your own pastes and share them with the world. It's all very simple, and you will even be able to edit and delete them once logged in with your account.

It's a free-to-use service and available for everyone. Creating an account is very simply. You can do it by clicking here.


The all-in-one plugin with many features for every server! Premium version.

Frequently Updated!

Daily streaked rewards for your players! Let them claim a reward each day.

The updated version of the famous SkywarsReloaded plugin! Some cool fixes, new features and more.

Some cool addition features for the famous SkywarsReloaded plugin!

The all-in-one plugin with many features for every server!

Make survival easy again! Advanced metal detectors with many features that can find ores.

A real-life radio plugin that plays radios from links. Fully GUI based with languages, sections and fully customizable radios!

The best parkour plugin for every server, fully sign-based, three gamemodes, many features.

Send players MOTDs based on the actual dates with (optional) years. The best event MOTD plugin!

A multi-language plugin that has all essential commands and features a server should have!


About Us

Hi there! We are GCNT, an advanced team of developers, admins and supporters that are always happy to help you with your problems. We used to be GCN, a Dutch minecraft server, but as we all aged, we decided to turn the server down and start focussing on other people's servers. So we became a team; The GaagjesCraft Network Team.
We are now working together for almost a full year for all types of minecraft servers and Java projects.
We mostly develop plugins that can be used by almost every servers among with custom projects. Our Developers have over 4 years of Java experience.
Check our plugins out here.

  • Create the code

    We're creating the plugin idea and making it ready to be coded. Then our team is going to work on it.

  • Test and crush bugs

    After the code has been written, we're testing everything on a test server. We're searching for bugs, and if we find some, we immediately crush them!

    At this stage we're preparing and fixing the code till it's ready.

  • Deliver the snaps

    After testing the project, we will be releasing snapshots of it via our Discord. Then it's open for the public, but not fully released.

    Want to test our in-development projects? Just join our Discord by clicking the following link:

  • Release the beast

    The project is now ready to be released. Nice software is coming your and thousands of other people's way!