SkyWars Reloaded
The most popular skywars plugin

About SkyWars

Skywars is one of the most played games in Minecraft all over the world. With over 315k downloads is SkywarsReloaded by far the most popular Skywars plugin available! With the great ability to almost customize the whole plugin and all amazing features, does it fit in every server.*

But what is Skywars?
The name actually explains how it works, it's a 'war' in the 'sky'. You fight against other people in the sky with each player on its own island. Players will have to compete against each other until one last man is standing, the winner. In their journey to the win, they will be helped chest loot which the players can collect.

* The plugin may not support your server version.


Legacy Note

GaagjesCraft Network Team (GCNT) is not the owner of the SkywarsReloaded plugin. We only provide support for the plugin. Our job is to make the support process quicker. GCNT can be seen as a bridge between the owner of the plugin and the users. Report your issues to us first before reporting them to the owner.