SkyWars Reloaded
How to setup an arena?


Make sure that:

  • You've installed and enabled the SkywarsReloaded plugin
  • You've set the lobby spawnpoint


Create your first arena using /swm create [name]. Replace the [name] variable with the name of the arena.
After you've done this, you will get teleported to a void world. You're all set to start building and setting the properties now.


After you've built your map, or pasted a schematic, you're ready to set the player and spectate spawnpoints.
Fly to the places you want a player to spawn and type /swm spawn player. This will place a diamond block at your current location. If you remove that block, the player spawnpoint will be removed. Do this for every player spawn.
Then fly to the place you want the dead players to spawn as spectators. Then type /swm spawn spec which will set the spectators spawnpoint.


Now add the chests to the arena. If you don't register the chests, the plugin will NOT add items to the chests when the game starts!
If you're building the arena by hand, you can just place the chests and this will automatically register the chests. If you want to unregister a chest, you simply remove it.
But if you pasted a schematic or something else, you can do two things:
- Remove all chests and replace them with new chests.
- Use the command /swm legacyload. This command registers all chests and spawnpoints (beacons). Do not run this command more than once per arena!


Once you've done all that, the easy things come. You're now ready to set all meta settings. These meta settings are things like the minPlayers, creator and displayName of the arena.
Use /swm min [amount] to set the minimum amount of players for the arena in order to let it start. Replace the [amount] variable with the player amount. This must be higher than 1 and lower than your player spawns amount.
Perform /swm creator [creator] to set the creator of the map. Replace the [creator] variable with the name of the creator.
Use /swm name [display] to set the display name of the map. Replace the [display] variable with the display name. This supports color codes (&).


There it is, the final step. The only thing that keeps you from playing your map is saving and registering it.
To save your arena, you'll have to do /swm save [map]. This will teleport you to the lobby spawn and saves your map. But you will have to register it to 'enable' your map.
Just do /swm register [map] to register your map. Once you've done that, you can start playing the arena!